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Allow the Import/Export of Products


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      Import/Export Products
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      Transact - Place Orders
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      Orchestrate - Extend Platform Capabilities


      Import Feature - Catalog


      The goal of this ticket is to create a layer which will be the consumer the Batch Feature: COMMERCE-1084

      It allows the end user to upload the data file (Excel, CSV) which has all the information (operation) and it converts to a file that the Batch Processor can understand and process at the end.

      This will be implemented per section in Commerce.

      Create a Catalog importer


      1. Allow the user to upload the Excel, CSV file which contains the information in an agreed form (contains all the necessary info to be able to batch process it)
        • Simple UI for now, Upload a File and Listing them 1.jpg
        • Have a process button which will start processing the Selected file [Next]
      2. Have a mapping UI 2.jpg
        • It enables the user to do the manual mapping from the Excel columns between and the fixed Catalog attributes
        • The labels on 2.jpg are the fixed Catalog attributes
        • The dropdown UI components contain the Excel first columns - Headers
        • This features developer who knows the internal representation of the Product model -> (ProductDTO that can be consumed by the Batch framework) needs to convert the Excel data to Json DTO that a ProductItemReader / ProductItemWriter can understand.
      3. Preview data from the 2nd row based on the mapping from the previous step 3.jpg
      4. In the back-end it will generate a batch file if it succeeds sends it to the Batch Processor wait for its result and shows the status 4.jpg. (Similarly as we do when someone places a `.batch` file in the hot deploy folder)


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