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Account Management: Pagination in the roles of accounts members is not working



      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Log into the application as administrator
      2. Navigate to: Control Panel -> Users -> Users and Organizations
      3. Create a new user and set its basic information
      4. Set user as member of minium site.
      5. Navigate to: Control Panel -> Users -> Accounts
      6. Create a new account and set its name and type business
      7. Go to Users tab and add the user created in step 3
      8. Add more than five roles to the added user. We added all the available roles: Site Administrator, Site Member, Site Owner, Site Content Reviewer, Account Administrator, Buyer, Order Manager, Account User. If there's not such roles create more roles.
      9. Log in into the application using the user created in step 3
      10. Navigate to minium site
      11. Go to Account Management Page.
      13. click in the menu on the user created in step 3 and select view
      14. Check Roles pagination
      Expected Result: Pagination works properly.
      Actual Result: Pagination doesn't work, and all records are displayed. Moreover, when page 2 is selected and you click the "next page" arrow (even with the "forbidden" cursor) it goes back to page 1. See attached image.


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