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As an account administrator, I don't want to be suggested users I can invite to an account




      Currently, when a user is inviting other users to an account, they are shown suggestions of users to invite based on the email address they are typing.

      This poses a privacy issue, as the account admin can effectively see all the users in an instance.

      Definition of Done

      1. A user who is inviting new members to an account can invite one or more people using their email address
      2. The same email validation rules apply as the existing widget – all emails must pass validation as being email addresses
      3. The same logic for creating a new account applies – if the email does not match any existing users in the virtual instance, we create a user and follow the standard Liferay new user invitation flow
      4. The user who is inviting members must define at least one account role for the users they are inviting
        1. The account roles available for the account are displayed in a multiple selection form field (checkboxes) so a user can select one or more account roles
        2. This account role is scoped to the account in which users are being invited to and will apply to all the users being invited at that point in time
        3. If no account roles are defined and the user tries to send an invite, the invitations are prevented and we inform the user that this is required
      5. The user inviting can exit the modal by clicking the Esc key, clicking the X in the top corner, or clicking the Cancel button
      6. Works with the Liferay Classic Theme, Minium theme, and Speedwell theme


      Classic theme: https://www.figma.com/file/Fgh6jD5qPBr8srVZlmxAWc/m-commerce-classic-theme-01a-ac?node-id=67%3A2410
      Minium theme: https://www.figma.com/file/TjXuLfi39V7JdbPmnAko4I0A/m-minium-pure-b2b-04a-ac?node-id=0%3A5472


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