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In catalog product details it is possible to get product SKU option combination that does not exist


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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. create 2 options, Required and SKU contributor is Enabled. Each option must have two values (Surface Effect: Mat, High Gloss; Strings: Fender, D'Addario)
      2. Create Product and assign Options to it (Acoustic Guitar)
      3. Go to SKUs
      4. Delete Default SKU
      5. Generate All SKUs (MatFender, HighGlossFender, MatDaddario, HighGlossDadario)
      6. Delete 2 SKUs: delete MatFender and HighGlossDAddario (only two SKU should be left)
      7. Go to Catalog (public pages) and find Acoustic Guitar and Click on it
      8. From Surface pick Mat
      9. Strings option has DAddario - Choose it

      Assert that, until now, everything is fine - SKU is allocated and product can be added in cart

      1. Now in Surface Effect, there is still option High Gloss but there is no existing SKU that covers DAddario and HighGloss

      Expected Behavior

      All valid SKU combinations are selectable in the storefront by the buyer
      All non-valid SKU combinations are not selectable in the storefront by the buyer

      Actual Behavior

      Not all valid SKU combinations are selectable in the storefront by the buyer
      Some non-valid SKU combinations are selectable in the storefront by the buyer


      (Issue #2) is not big issue, as such fault SKU does not activate Add To Cart Button. Still it wastes user time and may confuse user. Also it is possible to click Choose An Option to reset field but still it may be too demanding for regular non-tech user to figure out.

      I think our competitors show list of all SKUs as buttons. If you click button panel displays options and images related to particular SKU.

      Maybe we can came up with something NEW!? Or just leave as it is?


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