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Incorrect labels and field ordering in the Shipments section



      Shipments List

      1. Revise Column Names and Order 
        Current New Order (Left to Right
        Shipment ID Shipment ID 1
        Account Account 2
        (none) Channel 3
        Address Shipping Address 4
        Tracking Tracking Number 5
        Create Date Create Date 6
        (none) Estimated Shipping Date 7
        (none) Estimated Delivery Date 8
        Status Status 9

      Developer note: If column width becomes an issue, remove Expected Ship and Expected Delivery Date.

      1. Change the search bar text "Search for:" → "Search" 

      Shipment Statuses 

      Current New Notes
      Processing Processing No change
      Ready to Be Shipped Ready to Ship More concise
      Shipped Shipped No change
      Delivered Delivered No change


      Transition Current New
      Processing → Ready to Ship Ready to Be Shipped Finish Processing
      Ready to Ship → Processing Processing Reprocess
      Ready to Ship → Shipped Shipped Ship
      Shipped → Delivered Delivered Deliver

      Info Box

      1. Change the section label "Info" → "Details" 
      2. Expected Delivery Date and Estimated Shipping Date: what date format options do we have that aren't M/D/YY? That can be easily implemented. 
      3. Swap the order of Carrier Details (first) and Tracking Number (second) 
      4. Add a field to display the Channel of the shipment. It should not be editable. 

      Products (Shipment Items) Table

      1. Change the "Search for:" text to "Search" 
      2. Change the empty state text for the Products table from "No items were found." → "Add items to shipment." 
      3. Rename column name "Order Id" → "Order ID" 
      4. Rename column name "Ordered" → "Outstanding Quantity" 
      5. Rename column name "To Send" → "Quantity in Shipment" 
      6. Add a label to the button for accessibility 

      Add Shipment Item Modal

      1. Rename column name "Order Id" → "Order ID" 
      2. Change button label "Submit" → "Add" 

      Edit Shipment Item Side Panel

      1. Rename label name "Ordered" → "Outstanding Quantity" 
      2. Rename label name "To Send" → "Quantity in Shipment" 
      3. Rename button label "Add to Shipment" to "Save" since the values aren't additive. 

      Delete Shipment Item Modal AND Delete Shipment Modal

      1. "Do you wish to restock the items that are being deleted?" → "Restock the items that are being deleted?" 
      2. Use a checkbox instead of toggle. Label the checkbox, "Yes, restock the items" 
      3. Change the button label "Submit" → "Delete" 
      4. Modal title is missing localization 


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