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As a buyer, I want to see the price of individual product bundle options



      Definition of Done

      1. Make changes to the Product Details widget
        1. Display the prices of individual options within a product when they are linked to a SKU (i.e. part of a bundle)
        2. Options that are not required by default have a "None" option value. This allows buyers to opt out of adding that particular option to their bundle. The admin does not need to create this option value – it's automatically available for buyers when an option is not required.
        3. Options that are not available (stock availability) are displayed in the disabled state
        4. The price changes dynamically based on the buyer's option selection, showing the currently configured price of the bundle
        5. The display of each option respects the option type setting (e.g. Single Select, Multiple Select, etc.)
        6. When an option value is selected that impacts the price, the other option value prices change so that the +/- is in relation to the new price. needs to be estimated
          1. For example, there is a product with one optional option and two option values. Option value 1 costs 40 USD and option value 2 costs 60 USD.
            1. When the buyer doesn't select either option value 1 or value 2, the prices are displayed as "+40" and "+60"
            2. When the buyer chooses option value 1, the price for option value 2 is displayed as "+20" because 60 is 20 more than 40. Since option value 2 is selected and its price is reflected in the total price printed on the page, there is no longer a price printed next to the option name.
            3. When the buyer chooses option value 2, the price for option value 1 is displayed as "-20." The same rationale applies.
        7. When an option value doesn't impact the price, there is no +/- value displayed to the buyer.
      2. Make changes to the display of prices in search results, product publisher
        1. Display price of the default configuration Default option value was removed from the mocks by @marco.leo

      Price Calculation

      1. The price of a product bundle shall be calculated given its CPInstance and the OptionValues selected.
      2. If option has priceType static:
        1. if optionValue is linked to a SKU → price = deltaPrice * optionValue qty;
        2. if optionValue is not linked to a SKU → price = deltaPrice;
      3. if option has priceType dynamic → price is calculated applying the current pricing algorithm to the cpInstance linked by the optionValue.

      Not Within Scope

      1. Within the mocks, there are designs for allowing the buyer to choose the number of units they want to purchase of a given option. This is planning for a future improvement and not within scope for the MVP.



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