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As a developer, I want the mini cart to be encapsulated in a widget


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      As part of COMMERCE-3536, the mini cart functionality inside of Minium was refactored. The scope of the work was to encapsulate the frontend components in a taglib.

      In order to make it easy for this functionality to be highlighted easily in demos or even used as the foundation for a project, the functionality should be encapsulated inside a widget that can be dropped on any given Liferay page.

      Definition of Done

      1. Replace the current Mini Cart widget with a new widget named Mini Cart
      2. This new mini cart widget is usable with the Classic theme and can also take on the officially supported Liferay Commere themes, Minium and Speedwell
      3. This widget is not instanceable (can be added only once to a page)
      4. This widget has a configuration which allows users to configure what data they want to display in the mini cart order summary
        1. Display Tax (Y/N)
        2. Display Shipping Costs (Y/N)
      5. This widget can be configured with a display template
        1. On-prem customers can customize the display of the widget by deploying jar(s) or call a frontend app hosted in an external system e.g. CDN
        2. SaaS customers can customize the display of the widget by calling a frontend app hosted in an external system e.g. CDN

      Technical Assumptions

      1. Will respect the typical rules for a Liferay OOTB widget
      2. Will leverage the work already done for COMMERCE-3536
      3. Unlike the taglib solution, we will not provide the cart icon and ability to slide the mini cart in and out of the screen. Instead, the mini cart will be fixed inside the confines of the widget.


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