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As an admin, I would rather use the OOTB 7.3 widget border style than the Minium or Speedwell custom widget borders




      The widget borders in Liferay 7.1 were not great. There were usability issues that happened when a widget was very narrow. Plus, they were aesthetically below average.

      To avoid this issue, Liferay Commerce developed custom styles for the Minium and Speedwell accelerators.

      But with the introduction of 7.2, widget borders have become much nicer and more usable. I would personally argue that the 7.2 and 7.3 style is superior to the custom styles in Minium and Speedwell, especially around the placement of the action menu icon which, in the custom style, is within the widget and causes issues like COMMERCE-3813. It's also bad in situations where the widget is very tall, as the admin needs to scroll to the bottom of the widget to find the action menu icon.

      Switching back to the default style will drop any long-term maintenance costs that the Commerce team may need to incur over time, plus provide a most consistent experience for customers who use DXP.

      Definition of Done

      1. The custom styled widget management is not overridden in the Minium and Speedwell themes and therefore the default Liferay styles are utilized when Minium or Speedwell themes are applied w/out customization by the customer
        1. Portlet title
        2. Portlet topper
        3. Portlet topper toolbar
        4. Portlet content container
        5. ...


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