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As a product specialist, I want to define a default option value



      Currently, when a buyer views a product bundle in the storefront, no option values are selected by default.

      Allowing merchandisers/product specialists to define default option values gives them the ability to

      1. create a more convenient user experience by pre-selecting the most common configuration of the bundle which they predict most customers will want, or
      2. create a more profitable default bundle in hopes that the buyer will choose that configuration over cheaper configurations and therefore improve profitability

      Definition of Done

      1. A product specialist can define at most one default option value within an option using the option value action menu
        1. If a product specialist defines Option A as the default option value, then sets Option B as the default, Option A will no longer be the default option value
      2. The default option value will be pre-selected in the storefront for the buyer
      3. A product specialist can unselect option values as defaults in the action menu, thus creating no default option value
      4. If no option value is selected as the default, the buyer will have no option value pre-selected in the storefront
      5. A column in the Values table is added which shows the default option value (if any)

      Open Questions

      What happens when an admin defines a default config which doesn't result in a valid SKU combination?
      What happens when an admin defines a default config which is not available (out of stock)?
      CM Notes: let's discuss solutions, but I suspect we'll need to address this ticket at the same time or after we migrate from DDM forms and have the flexibility to show an option value which is unavailable.




      Discussed offline:

      • We will add a default option value setting
      • This setting will determine the default value, if any, selected for the buyer when they view the product detail
      • Admins should be able to set, at most, one default per option
      • We need to allow a way for users to unset a default value in the admin UI (i.e. set the default to none)


      Hi @Corbin Murakami there is one technical obstacle for default option values. Option that is SKU contributor can not technically support default value, as for it to be set there should exist SKU that covers option value combination that includes option value which should be default. There is lot of business logic in front end related to this requirement and I was confused with it, and any new developer that joins is confused with it.
      Anything is possible, but might be very demanding. I'm jus mentioning this to make a note and to tackle @Marco Leo if he has any other possible blocker on mind?





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