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Improve the naming of price-related entities and labels pt. 1



    With the introduction of Commerce 2.1.3, we've added a new price engine. We put in some work at the end of the 2.1.3 release cycle to clean up the labeling, but we didn't have time to really complete the exercise. 2.1.3 introduced a few new names on top of the legacy names we've been using. Unfortunately, the legacy names of some price-related entities is wonky, either as a result of not-so-great Italian-to-English translations, or simply inconsistencies.

    We've gone through the exercise of holistically looking at all our price-related entities and cleaning them up so they align with industry terms (in American English) as well as internally with themselves in the context of Liferay Commerce (see COMMERCE-2102). Now, those changes need to be applied.

    Definition of Done

    1. The price related names and labels are audited against the definition sheet.
      1. PART 1: Everything on the spreadsheet marked PART 1
      2. PART 2: Everything on the spreadsheet marked PART 2
    2. All areas of the product where the current label or name does not match the label/name in the spreadsheet are updated to the new name.


    These changes include very big changes, e.g. renaming "Discounts" to "Promotions" and changing "Promotions" to "Sale Price List." Since it's such a big change, it really is ideal to fit this in before 7.3 is released because

    1. Pricing engine v2 is hardly released and not adopted by customers. It will be okay to introduce these naming changes and consider it "part of the changes introduced in pricing engine v2."
    2. It is a breaking change and will need to be introduced in either a major or minor version. As a result, our chance to release this will close and we'll be forced to wait a year before we can introduce the better names.



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