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Product quantity is not being reset to minimum quantity after invalid value is added to the cart


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      Product quantity is not being reset to minimum quantity after invalid value is added to the cart

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Login with user Test Test
      2. Create a site with Minium Theme (Control Panel -> Sites -> Add -> Select Minium Theme and Name is Minium Site).
      3. Create an Business Account (Control Panel -> Accounts -> Add -> Select Type is Business and Name is Account A)
      4. Go to Commerce -> Products, search product with SKU = "MIN55859". Click on Product name to go to it's detail page.
      5. Click on Tab "Configuration". Set value of "Minimum Order Quantity" = 3 and "Multiple Order Quantity" = 3. Click Publish button.
      6. Go to Minium Site
      7. At Catalog Page, search product with SKU = "MIN55859"
      8. For now you will see quantity default is 3, modify it to 9 by clicking on the + button twice
      9. Click Add to Cart
      10. Assert that 9 of the Torque Converters is added in the Cart, and the count on the page goes to "3"
      11. Set the quantity of Torque Converters from 3 to 1
      12. Click Add to Cart

      Actual Result
      We see that after adding 1 item, the minimum value is not returned for the product quantity field.

      Expected Behavior
      We should see the minimum value return to 3, just like when you add "accepted" values like 3, 6, 9, etc.

      Reproduced in

      • DXP 7.3 GA1 + hotfix-1023
      • 7.3.x-Private Commit: 56b0e1697ce17ed4e399bbf2915b1b48d4a5b38c

      Different Behavior in

      • Master-Private Commit: 9f375528c91b2c745e13b92a25b67de3595523a3
        • Master uses a dropdown selection which shows all of the available quantities
        • Also, the quantity does not switch from the selected value back to the minimum quantity of "3"




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