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As a practitioner importing a file, I want to configure whether the file I am importing has headers or not



      Definition of done:

      • sign in
      • go to main menu and choose Applications
      • click Import/Export Center under Import/Export section
      • user is landed to Import and Export Tab of main application view
      • click + sign on right side and pick Import File to create new Import configuration
      • (OPTIONAL depending on UI version) give name for this configuration
      • pick file type CSV
      • select attached liferay_account_import.csv in upload file input
      • select target Internal Class Name to be AccountEntry (eider directly seek it in Internal Class Name drop down menu, or pick headless-user-admin endpoint in Headless Endpoint and then select AccountEntry in Internal Class Name - this depends on current UI version)
      • make sure Contains Headers is checked
      • Provide following mappings for External Field to Internal Field Name:
        description -> description
        id -> externalReferenceCode
        account_name -> name
        account_type -> type
      • click Import

      Import/Export Main view is shown

      Check 1:

      There is entry in search results that corresponds to executed import configuration

      Check 2:

      Go to main menu and click Control Panel

      Click Accounts

      Verify presence of five accounts prefixed with QA

      Check 3:

      To make sure this really works edit CSV file in the way to remove its header line (first line in the content). Go through Definition of done steps. Make sure process failed (check portal log).


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