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Default Account Terms and Conditions per Channel



      As a Sales Manager

      I want to be able to set a default Account Terms and Conditions per channel

      So that Accounts placing orders via this channel has these T&C's set by default


      Acceptance Criteria

      1. From the Order Defaults Page there is an option for setting a default Terms and Conditions  on the account with an an option to specify a channel.
        1. Applies to both Delivery Terms and Payment Terms Sections
      2. New UI Pattern as per Wireframes
      3. User selects a Channel first
        1. Options will include All Channels, and a list of all enabled channels
      4. There is an option to Override Eligibility per default
        1. Set to false by default
        2. UI has help text that reads" If you choose to override the system eligibility, this default will be used on orders regardless of whether the default is eligible for order or not. Choosing not to override eligibility means that this default will only be used on orders where it is eligible for that order."
      5. User then selects the Default Terms and Conditions 
        1. ALL Terms and Conditions are presented to the user
      6. On the default Terms and Conditions set on an Order from this account, via this channel; If Override Eligibility is set to false;
        1. Setting a default Terms and Conditions on the order means that  the Terms and Conditions  set as default, if eligible is what is used. 
        2. Otherwise the highest priority eligible Terms and Conditions is used (as per current functionality)
      7. On the default Order Terms and Conditions , If Override Eligibility is set to True;
        1. Selecting a default Terms and Conditions  per Channel means that when setting a default Terms and Conditions for this account via this channel, the Terms and Conditions  set as default, is what is used regardless of any other eligibility criteria on the Terms and Conditions 
      8. If there is at least one Default set per channel, The Option "All Channels" does not appear but instead "All Other Channels" is the option shown on the UI
        1. This means that this default is used on all other channels expect for channels listed that has a default set.
      9. It should be possible to remove a default (either by delete from an ellipsis or by editing and removing - UX decision) 
      10. For upgrading purposes any existing default Terms set on an account is set to "All Channels"


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