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Trinidad dependency in TCK preventing TestPage073 (scopeAfterRedisplayResourcePPRTest) from executing Ajax request



      The Trinidad dependency loads some JavaScript resources that enable the Trinidad Partial Page Rendering (PPR) feature:

      The TCK relies on PPR in order to have TestPage073 (scopeAfterRedisplayResourcePPRTest) execute an Ajax request. But instead of executing an Ajax request with a ResourceURL, it is executing a full postback with an ActionURL. It turns out that there are two problems here: The first is that the TCK is JSF-1.2-based, and doesn't have an h:head tag in the JSP view (actually I think the h:head tag is a Facelets-only tag, introduced for JSF 2.0). The second is a bug in the Trinidad CoreRenderer such that the javax.faces.encodedURL hidden field is not being rendered. For more info, see: TRINIDAD-2284.

      In order to fix this bug, it will be necessary to do two things:

      1) Need to dynamically add an HtmlHead instance to the UIViewRoot, and also a dependency on the "jsf.js" resource so that the Trinidad JavaScript library detects JSF 2.0 Ajax capabilities in the browser.
      2) Need to dynamically add a hidden field for "javax.faces.encodedURL" as a child of the form, so that jsf.ajax will know which URL is correct for the XmlHttpRequest


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