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Bridge TCK encodeActionURLWithModeRenderTest depends on a non-standard feature in Trinidad client-side state saving in order to restore MultiRequestTest.jsp in the RESTORE_VIEW phase of the JSF lifecycle



      The JSR 378 TCK was originally developed under JSR 329 for Portlet 2.0 + JSF 1.2. In order to facilitate XHR+ResourceRequest type requirements, the TCK depends on Apache Trinidad. In addition, the TCK utilized Trinidad's client-side state saving feature, as described by the following context-param in the TCK's WEB-INF/web.xml descriptor:

      <!-- Use client-side state saving.  In Trinidad, it is an
      	 optimized, token-based mechanism that is almost always a
      	 better choice than the standard JSF server-side state saving. -->

      TestPage117 (encodeActionURLWithModeRenderTest) starts out with MultiRequestTest.jsp which is a simple form:

      	<h:panelGrid columns="1">
      		<h:commandButton value="Run Test" action="#{test.runActionTest}"/>

      This will render an HTML form like the following:

      <form method="post" action="...">

      Thanks to TestSuiteViewHandlerImpl.java, the value of the action attribute will be a JSF actionURL with the following URL parameters appended (prior to encoding of the URL):


      When clicking on the commandButton, this should dispatch a full page HTTP POST to a portlet ActionURL. When the GenericTestSuitePortlet.processAction(ActionRequest actionRequest,ActionResponse actionResponse) method is invoked, the following should be true:

      actionRequest.getPortletMode().equals(PortletMode.EDIT.toString()) // #1
      actionRequest.getParameter("param1").equals("testValue") // #2
      actionRequest.getParameter("_facesViewIdRender") == null // #3

      Because #3 is null, the bridge implementation will not know which view is to be restored in the RESTORE_VIEW phase of the JSF lifecycle, and as a result it will need to restore the MultiRequestTestResultRenderCheck.jsp view as specified in the TCK's WEB-INF/portlet.xml descriptor in order to determine the view for EDIT mode:


      The problem is that Trinidad client-side state saving has a non-standard feature such that the viewId for MultiRequestTest.jsp is encoded in the client-side javax.faces.ViewState hidden field. This in turn causes MultiRequestTest.jsp to be restored rather than MultiRequestTestResultRenderCheck.jsp.
      The TCK incorrectly depends on this, as is evidenced by the Tests.encodeActionURLWithModeRenderTest(TestRunnerBean) method having a condition for Bridge.PortletPhase.ACTION_PHASE. Such a condition could only be true if MultiRequestTest.jsp were restored (which is the Trinidad behavior). In order to compensate for this, the TCK has a navigation-rule in the WEB-INF/faces-config.xml descriptor that causes the MultiRequestTestResultRenderCheck.jsp to be rendered in the RENDER_RESPONSE phase of the JSF lifecycle:


      The following tasks must be part of fixing this problem so that the TCK executes the test correctly:
      1. Introduce a new ActionURLWithModePortlet class that extends GenericFacesTestSuitePortlet.java
      2. Have ActionURLWithModePortlet.processAction(ActionRequest,ActionResponse) call actionResponse.setRenderParameter(String,Object) in order to save the portlet mode and the value of the "param1" parameter as render parameters that can be picked up in the RENDER_PHASE of the portlet lifecycle.
      3. Modify the Tests.encodeActionURLWithModeRenderTest(TestRunnerBean) method so that it consults Bridge.PortletPhase.RENDER_PHASE instead of Bridge.PortletPhase.ACTION_PHASE
      4. Remove the navigation-rule from faces-config.xml (but only when FACES-2550 is complete – the navigation rule will still be required as long as Trinidad is part of the TCK)




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