Similar to the BridgePortletRequestFactory / BridgePortletResponseFactory features introduced in FACES-2679, over the years we have found it necessary to extension points for supporting different portlet containers by decorating the javax.portlet.PortletConfig object.

      This task serves as a proposal for promoting com.liferay.faces.bridge.filter.BridgePortletConfigFactory to the javax.portlet.faces.filter package in the Bridge API:
      package com.liferay.faces.bridge.filter;
      public abstract class BridgePortletConfigFactory implements FacesWrapper<BridgePortletConfigFactory> {
      	// Also include corresponding static getPortletConfigInstance(...) method
      	public abstract PortletConfig getPortletConfig(PortletConfig portletConfig);

      In addition, the Spec will require that the factory delegation chain pattern be supported by bridge implementations. As a matter of convenience to the portlet developer, it is best to use a zero-config mechanism for registering factories, so the bridge implementation must recognize the bridge:bridge-portlet-config-factory element as a child of the factory-extension element of faces-config.xml descriptors.

      It would be the responsibility of the Bridge.doFacesRequest*(...) methods to get the decorated PortletConfig from these factories before processing the JSF lifecycle. Specific requirements will be documented in the Specification.




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