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portal:captcha component garbles portlet configuration menu with unicode escape characters



      1. Download the JSF registration demo portlet from https://web.liferay.com/community/liferay-projects/liferay-faces/demos.
      2. Deploy it to a 6.2 EE with latest fix pack.
      3. Place the portlet on the Welcome page. Click the portlet's Configuration cog icon.
      Result: The configuration options appear as unintelligible unicode escape characters.

      If you remove the portal:cptcha field from the xhtml file, the configuration menu appears correctly.

      Branch(e0039a962e3d1f64ec8c540203ec83f6bfb432d9) with compiled demo registration Jsf portlet from the 2.x branch of liferay/liferay-faces-portal github repo: reproduced

      Please see the attached gif.