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SennaJS disabled for all links which are children of forms



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Deploy the FACES-1638-portlet and navigate to it.
      2. Right-click on one of the links and select Inspect Element.

      If the bug still exists, the a tag will have a data-senna-off="true" attribute.

      If the bug is fixed, the a tag will not have any data-senna-off attribute.

      SennaJS should only be disabled for the parent form and commandLink components.

      No errors occur when SennaJS is disabled for links, but the links do not utilize SennaJS's features. For example, SennaJS will load and replace only the markup of the portlet with an Ajax GET, and without SennaJS clicking a link will perform a full-page GET. Any other benefits of SennaJS will not occur when it is disabled for link components.

      Note: SennaJS must still be disabled for commandLink components since commandLink components may or may not cause navigation (and their navigation should be handled by JSF anyway).




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