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alloy:inputTime cursor should appear on the selected first visible time option.



      alloy:inputTime 's JavaScript A.TimePicker scrolls down to the current time when it pops up. This is a nice feature, but the selection cursor does not appear. The selection cursor actually highlights the first option (which may not be visible). For example, if it is 9:05 AM when the user clicks on alloy:inputTime , the pop-up TimePicker will be scrolled to the 9:00 AM value, but the cursor will still be on 12:00 AM (which is not visible).

      Instead the cursor should highlight the first value shown.

      This will improve the UX of alloy:inputTime because the cursor controls which value is inserted into the input when the user presses tab. Currently, the first value will always be inserted even if it is not visible. But if this improvement is made, the first visible value will be inserted.




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