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IDE is not resolving dependencies and objects are marked in red


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Minor
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.4
    • Fix Version/s: Someday
    • Component/s: Modules
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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start Developer Studio 3.3.1 for Mac
      2. Select your workspace
      3. From "File > New > Liferay Module Project", create a new Service Builder
        Project name: my-service
        Project template name: service-builder
      4. Edit "service.xml" from "my-service-service"
        Namespace: MyService
        Entity name: Data
        Column name: dataId
        # Right-click "my-service-service" and select "Liferay > build-service"
        # In "DataLocalServiceImpl.java", add a new public method

        public String returnHelloWorld()

        { return "Hello world."; }
        # In "DataServiceImpl.java", add a new method using the other one

        public String returnHelloWorld()

        { return dataLocalService.returnHelloWorld(); }
        # Right-click "my-service-service" and select "Liferay > build-service"
        # From "File > New > Liferay Module Project", create a new Service Builder

        Project name: my-service-web
        Project template name: mvc-portlet

        # Edit "build.gradle" from "my-service-web" to add the dependency to the service builder created before

        compileOnly project(":modules:my-service:my-service-api")
        compileOnly project(":modules:my-service:my-service-service")

        # Edit "init.jsp" to import the service builder

        <%@ page import="my.service.service.DataLocalServiceUtil" %>

        # Edit "view.jsp" to call the method from the service

        <% String dummyText = DataLocalServiceUtil.returnHelloWorld(); %>
        <p><%= dummyText %></p>

      5. Note that "DataLocalServiceUtil" is underlined in red
      6. Right-click "my-service-web" and select "Gradle > Refresh Gradle Project"
      7. Note that "DataLocalServiceUtil" is still underlined in red

      Actual results
      Service builder dependency is not resolved and "DataLocalServiceUtil" is underlined in red

      Expected results
      Service builder dependency is resolved and "DataLocalServiceUtil" is not underlined in red




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