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theme builder causes too many changes to be processed by tomcat



      The current theme development workflow is:

      • User creates a theme plugin
      • User adds a file manually to _diffs folder
      • Theme builder will detect change to _diffs/ folder and then invoke theme compilation
      • if project is already deployment, then many files are changes when just one file is edited because of the automatic deployment

      Also there are some reproducable errors with this approach:

      For me, when I accidentally copied the originally created WEB-INF into _diffs, even though I undid it right away, that threw the exception right away.

      For other members of the class, most people ended up running into the error at one point or another after completing the following exercises. I've copied from the slides only the relevant sections so the grammar and instructions may be a bit strange, but the steps will work.

      • To see this in action, let's create a new folder in the _diffs directory called css.
      • Replace the value _styled of the theme.parent property with classic in build.xml.
      • To trigger the auto build process, we'll create a new folder in the _diffs directory called templates.

      (You can see how the theme development process can be a bit quirky with this step. This was prior to ant deploy being available v.1.2.0.)

      • Copy the file portal_normal.vm from my-training-theme\docroot\templates\ to my-training-theme\docroot_diffs\templates
      • Replace the link:


      <a href="$sign_in_url" id="sign-in" rel="nofollow">
      $sign_in_text </a>


      with a button (snippet 01-portal_normal.vm): #if(!$is_signed_in)

      <form action="$sign_in_url" method="get">
      <input id="sign-in" type="submit" value="Log In" />



      • Copy the file custom.css into my-training-theme_diffs\css from my-training-theme\docroot\css\
        and replace the .portlet and .portlet-topper classes with the following code (snippet 02-custom.css):


      { background: #fff; border: 1px solid #9AC1E7; margin: 0 0 10px; padding: 3px; }


      { border-bottom: 1px solid #AEB8BC; padding-right: 40px; }




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