Issues: Unresolved

  • Story IDE-178 Improve tomcat support (CATALINA_HOME != CATALINA_BASE)
  • Story IDE-234 As a liferay plugin developer, I want Liferay IDE to support development with tomcat bundle that uses custom app server portal dir (other than ROOT)
  • Bug IDE-421 Liferay IDE strips child tags out of context on publishing

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug IDE-1512 Yesterday 11:17 PM Failed to validate hostname when connect to remote 62 ga2 server in new remote server wizard
  • Story IDE-1518 Last Tuesday 10:01 PM As a liferay core developer, I would like to enable hot-swap for portal sources to work "out of the box"
  • Story IDE-1516 Last Monday 11:53 PM When deploying applications to remote server, we should validate if deploying projects incompatible to the remote server

Versions: Unreleased