Issues: Unresolved

  • Story IDE-75 Templates used for JSP portlet modes in the portlet wizard should be modifiable by the user
  • Story IDE-102 No easy way to check out project into a new or existing SDK from SVN or CVS
  • Sub-task IDE-150 Create a new theme based off of a community/OSS theme

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug IDE-1512 Last Wednesday 5:35 AM Failed to validate hostname when connect to remote 62 ga2 server in new remote server wizard
  • Bug IDE-1497 Last Tuesday 7:42 PM We'd like to skip the warning message if there is a difference between the last version of portal version
  • Bug IDE-1496 04/Apr/14 New liferay project wizard using maven to create theme project does not respect the theme settings page

Versions: Unreleased