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Issues: Unresolved

  • Sub-task IDE-96 Plugin package editor does not close if file that is being edited is deleted.
  • Sub-task IDE-122 editor doesn't open files in team respositories
  • Sub-task IDE-152 As a liferay portlet plugin developer, I would like to have content assist for java classes for portlet.xml editor

Issues: Updated recently

  • Story IDE-1607 Last Tuesday 10:09 PM [enhancement] hyperlink from Foo*ServiceUtil.someMethod(...) to .impl.Foo*ServiceImpl.someMethod(...)
  • Task IDE-1557 Last Monday 10:01 PM Improve Liferay Descriptor Manager API more generic to perform descriptor operation
  • Task IDE-1471 Last Monday 8:05 PM Split descriptor helpers according to liferay content type and add unit tests

Versions: Unreleased

  • Unreleased 2.2.0 Release Date: 30/Sep/14
  • Unreleased 3.0.0 Release Date: 30/Sep/15