Issues: Unresolved

  • Sub-task IDE-96 Plugin package editor does not close if file that is being edited is deleted.
  • Sub-task IDE-122 editor doesn't open files in team respositories
  • Story IDE-152 As a liferay portlet plugin developer, I would like to have content assist for java classes for portlet.xml editor

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug IDE-1486 Last Thursday 1:59 AM Liferay language properties function doesn't work when portlet.xml and liferay-hook.xml don't have a valid doctype
  • Bug IDE-1487 16/Apr/14 After create portal properties for Hook ,it still show "The resource was not found on the Java Build Path"
  • Story IDE-1498 16/Apr/14 As a javascript developer, I would like to have code templates for alloy-ui modules

Versions: Unreleased