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      I'm working on improving the interface for dragging the portlets.. I decided to go with adding borders while dragging.

      I added a border to lfr-column.dragging, but that is prevented from rendering because the border-collapse: collapse settings.

      2 questions.

      1. Is the border-collapse: collaspse set on tables and layout-grid required? If so, why? (what will break if I change to separate)
      2. to prevent breaking anything, and leaving it as is, what do you think about adding this to column.js:



      basically add dragging class to the layout-grid.. we can then use this to temporarily change the border-collapse: to separate on the table and layout-grid while dragging.


      From the email correspondence.

      Hi Atul,
      Yeah, sorry I misread the changes you were proposing. I believe the dragging class in on the columns is added to target the acceptable columns during the drag, but I think it could be better handled by just adding the class to the main table, but I'll do a bit of investigation to make sure.

      Thanks again for your help, it's much appreciated

      Nate Cavanaugh
      Front End / UI Engineer
      Liferay, Inc.
      Enterprise. Open Source. For life.

      Atul Patel wrote:

      looks like columns.js needs some optimizing then.

      Currently the jquery is:

      I'll open a ticket with email below.


      On Oct 1, 2007, at 8:35 PM, Nate Cavanaugh wrote:

      Hi Atul,
      Border collapse is the CSS way to turn off cellspacing. The drawback of course, is the borders.
      I do think that we should add a class to the main table (though I think it wouldn't be wise to add them to the columns though, as it would just be extra processing for something that you can easily target with #layout-grid .lfr-column).

      Otherwise, it sounds like a great idea, thanks

      Would you mind filing an LEP ticket for that and assigning it to me?

      Thanks Atul, it's much appreciated.

      Nate Cavanaugh
      Front End / UI Engineer
      Liferay, Inc.
      Enterprise. Open Source. For life.




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