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Cannot add new resources because of the counter deadlocks



      On systems with a high load, users may no longer be able to add new resources such as wiki pages, message board posts, bookmarks, comments, etc. This situation occurs because the counter's database connection deadlocks. For example: Resource A requires a connection to add something to the database. The connection needs to increment the counter to get the new id, which requires another connection The connections depend on each other and the database runs out of connections. As a result, there are deadlocks.

      As part of this bug fix the following property has been added to portal.properties.


      1. The counter operates with is own data source to prevent deadlocks. By
      2. default, the data source created for the counter uses the same settings as
      3. those used to create the data source used for the rest of the portal. That
      4. happens by because the counter service will look up the properties
      5. prefixed with "jdbc.default." to create its data source. See the JDBC
      6. properties prefixed with "jdbc.default." for more information.
      7. Setting a different value for the counter JDBC prefix allows you to better
      8. fine tune the counter data source with its own set of configuration
      9. settings for high availability installations. This property will not need
      10. to modified in most cases.


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