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Documents and Media checkout loses custom field values



      LPS-32494 was backported to 6.1.x, it includes multiple LPS tickets including LPS-30371.

      This issue is resolved by backporting only the commit that includes LPS-30371. This LPE is to document the use of only that single commit, to simplify the backport process.

      See below:

      When you checkout a document with custom values, the values are reset to default.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Go to Control Panel -> Custom Fields
      2. Click on Documents and Media Document, and click on "Add Custom Field"
      3. Name the custom field "custom_field1" and make it a True/False. Click Save
      4. Create another custom field. Call it "custom_field2" and make it a Group of Text Values. Click Save.
      5. Go back to edit custom_field2 and change the Display Type to Text Box
      6. Go to Documents and Media and click on Add a Basic Document
      7. Fill out the fields like this:
      Description: description
      Custom Field 1: True/False
      Custom Field 2: custom test
      Viewable by: Site Members
      Add a tag called "test"
      8. Click on Publish
      9. Edit the document you just made. You'll see all the values you put are still there.
      Now click on Checkout
      10. Go Edit the document again
      ACTUAL: The custom fields have reverted to default; Custom Field 1 is back to false and Custom Field 2 is blank.
      EXPECTED: The custom fields should retain their values.
      I think this is a bug because the custom fields should not lose their values on checking out.


      Not reproduced in 6.1.x dedd2f0f8892ff7e8851238dce1172270500e7c4
      Although the buttons seemed like as if the document was already checked in, because there was a "cancel Checkin" button. So I'm not sure if that was a valid test.

      Not reproduced in Master afc8c21b2c24c505625f24705bd88ec3396d11ca

      I see that this issue was reported for LPS-30371, but there's no LPE, so I can't tell if this was fixed for 6.1.x


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