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Improved navigation in Message Boards portlet



      This bug fix addresses two issues when using the Message Boards portlet in flat view.

      1) After a user adds a replies to a thread in the Message Boards, the page will jump down to display the message the user just added. When there are more than 10 messages, the thread will paginate and the page will no longer jump down to display the message that was just added. Instead, the user will be see the top of the first page of the thread.

      This bug fix changes the behavior so that users will be redirected to the last page of the thread so that they can see their newly posted message.

      2) A friendly URL such as: /-/message_boards/message/12345
      is suppose to display message 12345 to the user. However, this will only work if message 12345 is located on the first page of the thread. If message 12345 is located on the second, or third page, etc, it will not work. Users will just see the first page and must navigate to find the message they want.

      This issue has been fixed and users will be taken to the message specified in the URL.


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                  Version Package
                  5.1 EE SP5 (5.1.8)
                  5.2 EE SP3 (5.2.7)