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  2. LPS-98031 As a page author I want to map the URL of link, text editable and image editable elements to text/URL fields of an existing content
  3. LPS-100000

When setting the URL of an editable element, and using the Link type "From Content Field", "Specific Content" is not available until mappingtype is set in displayPages



      https://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-98568 likely made it that you can't set the URL of an editable in a display page without setting the mapping type, since the classNameId/classTypeId is still unknown for the displayPage, however if the user just wants to set a specified content, the user has to first set the mapping type, which should not be required yet.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create an editable fragment of type text
      2. Add the editable fragment to a display page template as a fragmentEntryLink
      3. Try to set the URL of the fragmentEntryLink
      4. Set Link to "From Content Field"

      Expected Result
      Specific Content should be an available source even if mapping type is not set, since it does not depend on it

      Actual Result
      Specific Content is only an available source if mapping type is set, or in other words if classNameId/classTypeId is set for the display page. Mapping the URL to an asset classNameId/classTypeId makes sense to be hidden if the mapping type is not yet set, but it shouldn't affect specific content as well

      Screenshot of Issue

      Tested on Tomcat 9.0.17 + MariaDB 10.2
      Portal master GIT ID: 5865758160b2169ae7f03b44a70512eebae6b678




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