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Review internal structure of frontend-js-web module


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      We currently have some excessive nesting in the frontend-js-web module. Most notable is that we have a number of folders that have been created which contain only a single file, which doesn't make a lot of sense: folders are for organizing groups of files, but if you place a single file into a folder, you haven't actually reduced clutter — you've just added an unnecessary layer of indirection.

      Example tree view:


      There you can see these files that live in alone in their folders:

      • liferay/aop/AOP.es.js
      • liferay/debounce/debounce.es.js
      • liferay/keyboard-focus/KeyboardFocusManager.es.js
      • liferay/modal/commands/OpenSimpleInputModal.es.js
      • liferay/toast/commands/OpenToast.es.js

      At least some of those probably don't deserve to be in folders of their own, so we should review the contents of this module for possible organizational improvements — including but not necessarily limited to the question of files that live alone in folders — (with the obvious proviso that we need to be careful to check for consumers that may be accessing the module contents via an explicit deep path as opposed to grabbing exported items from the index).




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