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Assigning a user group with many members to multiple sites is inefficient


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a database with a large number of users inside of multiple user groups (the attached lportal.sql.gz, generated from the benchmarks folder build scripts, has 50000 users, 8 manually created user groups, and 9 different sites), and multiple sites
      2. Start up the portal pointing to this database
      3. Navigate to the site memberships area of the control panel (Site Name > People > Memberships)
      4. Switch to the User Groups tab
      5. Open multiple browser tabs all pointing to the User Groups tab URL
      6. In the first browser tab, add ug1 to the site
      7. In the second browser tab, add ug2 to the site
      8. Repeat for all open tabs
      9. Navigate to the site memberships area of the control panel for a different site
      10. Repeat steps 5-9

      At some point, clicking the "Add" button will not work (the browser just spins, and opening new tabs also doesn't do anything), even though you haven't exhausted all of the request threads. In local testing, it only took about 6 assignment attempts before the server stopped responding, but better machines may take a little longer.


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