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As a fragment developer I can add a configuration option for my fragment that allows the user to select an existing content




      Fragments need to provide a way to display existing content. This story aims to offer web developers for a way to let page authors select a desired content that can be displayed as the fragment developer decides.

      This capability will be used in an out of the box component (see LPS-97182) that just displays the selected content. However, this is just the simplest way to display a content, by making it a configuration option that any fragment developer can use in their fragments, they can decide exactly how to display the content.

      In fact, this functionality is not limited to just displaying the content, but can also be used for any other usages of the selected content such as sending it to a service to obtain a result (for example similar/related content, etc.). 

      Note: For the rest of this story the new field type will be referred to as "itemSelector". The final name of the field type may vary.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Given a fragment which has at least one configuration field of type "itemSelector" when a page author adds it to a page and clicks configure then there is a field which allows selecting an existing content of type Blog Entry, Document or Web Content.



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