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Changing a field name will make its "does not match" validation rule inconsistent



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Set the log level of package com.liferay.dynamic.data.mapping to DEBUG
      2. Create a form
      3. Add a text field to it
        1. fill Label = test
      4. Go to the properties tab of the field in the side bar on the right
        1. enable Validation
        2. fill If Input = Does not match
        3. fill The Value = ^[0-9]{8,10}$
        4. fill Show error message = "insert between 8 and 10 digits
      5. Save the form
      6. Edit the text field, go to the Basic tab
        1. fill Label = foo
        2. fill Field Name = foo
      7. Save the form
      8. Publish the form
      9. Enter a valid number in the text field, say, 12341234
      10. Submit

      Expected result

      The form will be validated and the entry will be submitted correctly

      Actual result

      The form won't be submitted. In the logs a stacktrace can be seen similar to the one in the attached file stacktrace-debug-level.log

      Test results

      Fixed on

      master @ 6bb2cb535242ff612dc02ee9708fd02847f8ccf3
      7.2.x @ d7119eedae5bda1cf542fcc8dbdb35323c18c1d4

      Reproducible on

      7.1.x @




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