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Changes during Page Revision not applied



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create two users: Author1 and Author2
      2. Give them Administrator role
      3. Enable Staging with Page Versioning on Liferay site
      4. Go to Configuration > Workflow and enable Single Approver workflow for Page Revision
      5. Sign in as Author1
      6. Edit the page (eg. remove HelloWorld portlet)
      7. Submit the Page for publication
      8. Status is - Pending (Review)
      9. Log in as Author2
      10. Assign workflow task to Author2
      11. Author1 changes something on the page (eg. add a web content display portlet)
      12. Status becomes Draft
      13. After that, Author2 changes something on the page too (eg. adds a blog portlet)
      14. Author2 approves - Only the original changes are approved
      15. Neither Web content display, nor blogs portlet is added to the page

      Expected behavior:
      The user should be able to modify the page version which is under review without creating new versions.

      There are two cases:

      1) The reviewer modifies the pending version which was sent to review (Either nobody modified the page since it was sent to review, or the page was modified, but the reviewer is watching the pending version.

      In this case the pending version should be modified, without creating new draft versions.

      2) The reviewer modifies a draft version (Somebody modified the page since it was sent to review)
      New draft versions should be created, without modifying the pending version which is in review.




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