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Support automatic translation of web content with Google Cloud


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      As a user translating web content

      I want to be able to use an automatic translation tool

      so that I can use the autotranslation as a kickstart





      Acceptance criteria

      Given an instance with auto-translation enabled

      When a user accesses the side by side UI to translate web content

      Then she will find a button to auto-translate the web content to the "to" language


      Given an instance with auto-translation enabled and web content stored in a site or asset library

      When a user clicks on auto-translate

      Then the text of the original language will be replaced with the translation provided by the translation service

      Test Scenarios

      ID Test Priority Test Scenarios Covered by Backend (Unit/Integration)? Test to add
      4.1 5 The Auto Translate button appears in the side-by-side view when Google Translations are enabled  NO AutoTranslation#CanTranslateWCToJapaneseWithGoogle
      4.2 5 The Auto Translate button does not appear in the side-by-side view by default  NO Add assertion to Translations#EditTranslation
      4.3 5 The Auto Translate button should disappear in the side-by-side view after Google Translations are enabled then disabled NO  AutoTranslation#CanViewTranslationAfterDisablingConfiguration
      4.4 5 The text that was saved by Auto Translation should remain intact after Auto Translations are disabled NO  AutoTranslation#CanViewTranslationAfterDisablingConfiguration
      4.5 5 The Google Translation configuration cannot be saved when the service key field is blank and the configuration is enabled  NO AutoTranslation#CannotSaveWhenConfigurationIsInvalid
      4.6 5 Clicking the Auto Translate button results in the Google Translation replacing what is currently in the target field NO  AutoTranslation#CanTranslateWCToJapaneseWithGoogle
      4.7 5 An automatically generated Google translation of a web content can be saved and viewed  NO AutoTranslation#CanTranslateWCToJapaneseWithGoogle


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