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After approve the DM file the file is still pending status "LocalFile.WorkflowDocumentsAndMedia#ApproveInDMFolderCustomWorkflow"



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a organization named as "Space Program Academy of Continuing Education".
      2. Enable "Create Site" for this organization.
      3. Open the Menu → Control Panel → Configuration.
      4. Click Workflow Definition.
      5. Click Upload Definition at the bottom right.
      6. Type "Quarterly Reports Review Process" for the Name.
      7. Choose the advanced-governors-review.xml.
      8. Click Save.
      9. Add a user named as "test1@liferay.com".
      10. Go to the Menu → Control Panel → Users → Users and Organizations.
      11. Click on the Organizations tab.
      12. Click Options → Assign Users next to the Space Program Academy of Continuing Education organization.
      13. Choose user test1, then click done.
      14. Go to the Menu → Control Panel → Users → Users and Organizations.
      15. Edit user test1.
      16. Assign regular role "Board Member" to test1.
      17. Go to organization site.
      18. In Documents and Media admin, create a folder called Financial Reports.
      19. Open the Options menu for the Financial Reports folder.
      20. Click Edit.
      21. Open the Document Type Restrictions and Workflow section.
      22. Click Default Workflow for This Folder.
      23. Choose the Quarterly Reports Review Process workflow.
      24. Click Save.
      25. Add a document into the Financial Reports folder, then click Submit for Publication.
      26. Sign out → sign in with "test1@liferay.com" → My workflow tasks
      27. Click Assigned to My Roles tab → assign the document task to me
      28. Click Assigned to me tab → approve the task
      29. Sign out → sign in with "test@liferay.com"
      30. Go to Space Program Academy of Continuing Education site → Documents and Media
      31. Click Financial Reports folder

      Expected Result:
      Asset the document in the folder is "APPROVED".

      Actual Result:
      Asset the document in the folder is "PENDING".


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