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Unable to log in from a Display Page after the FP1



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start a server - 7.2 GA1 (without fix-packs)
      2. Create a new Display page template for blogs.
      3. Add the blog portlet to the home and create a blog entry.
      4. Log out and go to the home
      5. Click in the title of the blog entry.

      Result Log in is required

      This problem is fixed by the LPS-96438 (indirectly it fixes the LPS-97839).

      For new display page templates the problem is completely fixed, however, existent pages have a new problem because there is an incomplete upgrade of related data. Problem:

      1. In the same environment. Stop the server.
      2. Install the FP1 (to get the fix of LPS-96438) or upgrade the 7.2 to Master
      3. Start the server.
      4. As Guest, go to the home and click in the title of the blog entry => now you can view the display page.
      5. From this display page, click in the Sign In link

      A pop up with a Not found Error is displayed.
      The Log in form is displayed


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