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Add ability to access all operations on a web content article when accessing the editor from the page where it's published



      There are some options for administering Web Content like "Delete Translations" that are only available when going to Site Administration->Content & Data -> Web Content, finding a web content article, and clicking on its context menu (kebab menu).

      When browsing a Liferay site, it is convenient to inspect how a Web Content article is configured by using the kebab menu -> Edit Web Content directly on the page where it is displayed. However, in the edit article interface there is no way I can find to easily access the additional administration options like "Delete Translations"

      In fact it is fairly complicated to go this route:

      1. click on the context menu of the web content portlet on the widget page -> Edit Web Content
      2. note the id or title of the web content
      3. open up Site Administration > Content & Data> Web Content
      4. Search for the title or id
      5. Click on the context menu for the web content article -> Delete Translations

      It would help site administration if there was a direct way to access these additional administration options more easily from a particular page. Could these options be added to the context menu of the web content display portlet? Or could there be a navigation option from the edit article interface like "Show in Site Administration" that would navigate to the Site Administration overview?


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