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Enable wizard at page deletion for redirect creation



      As a site admin

      I want to allow my content creators to create a redirect when a page is being deleted

      so that I can prevent 404s and propagate the page authority to the new/existing content that will replace it.



      What to do with URLs belonging to localized elements?

      How can I easily manage the redirections for the different languages?


      Explore different options:

      individual redirect

      localized redirect

      page with multiple source and destination

      Consider localizations, maybe we can do it for the default language.



      Acceptance criteria


      Given a site with several pages

      When a user removes a page

      Then she is prompted with the suggestion to create a redirection

      And if she clicks it, she will be sent to the form to create it, filling the sourceURL automatically



      Figma Mockup

      Test Scenarios

      ID Test Priority Test Scenarios Covered by Backend (Unit/Integration)? Test to add
      01 5 A suggestion for creating a redirection will appear when a user deletes a page    
      02 5 A suggestion for creating a redirection will not appear when a user deletes a staged or draft page    
      03 5 The user will be sent to the redirect configuration page when she agrees to the suggestion of creating a redirection    
      04 5 The source URL is automatically added when the user agrees to set the redirection    
      05 5 The redirection can be created successfully    




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