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Provide Modal Patterns matching Lexicon Definition



      Lexicon defines a set of best practices and guidelines to work with Modals. Based on those recommendations, Clay offers a rich set of Modal components that can be used to implement such Patterns.

      The goal of this epic is to provide the current Modal Patterns in DXP to match Lexicon's recommendations as much as possible.


      Acceptance Criteria:


      1. Modal follows Lexicon Patterns

      Given DXP

      When a modal is opened in some part of the product

      Then the following is true:

      • The modal window is not full-size
      • When a modal has a footer, the actions are inside and aligned to the left. Actions show in this order: Primary button (only one), secondary button, and button link


      2. Modal API is backwards compatible

      Given an old code using any of the existing Modal APIs

      When used in DXP

      Then the API produces compatible results in the UI (a modal) and backwards compatible responses in the code


      3. Modal API uses Clay Components

      Given DXP

      When a modal is opened using the standard APIs (Liferay.Util.openWindow)

      Then the API will use Clay Modal Components


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