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Unable to create role with edit/update/delete permissions on all widget's ADTs


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      1) Start the server, login as Admin
      2) Go to site's Build > Application Display Templates
      3) Click on the top-right "+" button > Asset Publisher template > call it "Sample ADT1", no need to add any code for it
      4) Go to Control Panel > Users > Roles > Regular Roles > click on the top-right "+" button
      5) Give a name to the new role e.g. "CMS Admin", save, then switch to "Define Permissions" tab > Site Administration > Build > Application Display Templates > assign all permissions
      6) Go to Control Panel > Users and Organizations > Add a new user and give the "CMS Admin" role to it
      7) Login with that created user and go to Build > Application Display Templates: "Sample ADT1" is shown. Click on the related ellipsis menu

      Actual behavior: The user will not have permissions to edit the ADT (only "Copy" will be possible)
      Expected behavior: The user to be able to modify the ADT

      This appears to happen by design and not because of a bug. When defining the permissions for the CMS Admin role, there is no explicit line mentioning that such role will have edit rights on the ADT items:

      Application Display Templates


      Action Sites
      Access in Site Administration All Sites
      Configuration All Sites
      Permissions All Sites
      Preferences All Sites
      View All Sites


      The problem is here the Widget Template section on the Define Permissions page doesn't make it possible to define site level permissions for the created templates (model resources). 

      The widget template exists only at the portlet level. At the model resource level, we can define permissions for ddmTemplatforms. Because define permission page does not currently allow us to define site-level permissions for DDMTemplates belonging to the widget template portlet, so by design you have no choice but to update the permissions one by one for the templates you have already created.

      For other widgets, there is common permission to edit/update/delete which has higher control to decide by administrator who all can edit and who can delete instead of ADT creator to decide on it.
      The same possibility is also expected for ADT.








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