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Display the latest version of the article and remove the tooltip message



      Given that a version of a web content article is expired, and we filter Web Content to only show Expired articles, we will see the expired version of that article on the page list. But when we click on the "Expired" article it shows the latest version. This makes it for a confusing experience because it is not clear to the user when they click on an older version that the latest version will take its place on the edit page. 

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a Web Content called A – this is v 1.0
      2. Edit the Web Content and rename the title B – this is v 1.1
      3. Edit the Web Content again and rename the title C – this is v 1.2
      4. In Web Content, click the Options button > View History
      5. Expire version 1.1 (i.e., B)
      6. Back in Web Content, click on Filter and select "With Expired Versions"
      7. Assert the following result: B is in the list with "Expired"
      8. Click on "B"
      9. v 1.2 is displayed

      Actual Result:
      "Expired" tag and the "B" title mislead the user into thinking they'll see the expired version.

      Expected Behavior:
      The latest version of the article is displayed and no tooltip message when hovering on the title link.

      Reproduced in
      DXP 7.1 + FP11
      7.1.X Commit: 63b5f0d60fde38e173d95a179e041ec637995aab


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