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Introduce Master Pages as a way to define common elements for several Fragment based pages




      Currently in order to specify common elements for more than one page or page template, those elements must be placed in the portal_normal template of a theme. 

      The goal of this story is introducing the new concept of Master Pages, which allow specifying common elements for one or more pages. Each page and page template must have an associated master page.

      This story is limited to introducing the concept and providing an out of the box master called "Blank" which does not have any common element. The "Blank" master cannot be modified or deleted. Since "Blank" is special, it will always appear first, it won't be taken into account for pagination and it won't appear in searches

      All existing pages and page template must be considered to have "Blank" as a Master. This information should be shown next to the information of the theme used for the page (LPS-102201 will later introduce the ability to change it)

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Given an existing page created with a previous version of Liferay
      • When the system is upgraded to Liferay 7.3 
      • Then All existing pages and page templates must appear as having "Blank" as its master
      • Given a blank installation of Liferay and a new site
      • When the site administrator accesses the Page Templates application
      • Then there is a tab called "Masters" with a single entry called "Blank"

      Next steps

      LPS-102566 will introduce the ability to create custom Masters


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