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Unable to set test@liferay.com's password to "test" for the first time when using HSQL



      Unable to set test@liferay.com's password to "test" for the first time when using HSQL

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Apply the licensing code to Liferay (The licensing code must include the latest change from: https://github.com/brianchandotcom/liferay-release-tool-ee/compare/bd95cbc119...62fb6d6bf9) see LPS-103122.
      2. Start Liferay bundle
      3. Extract it to a folder
      4. Start up Liferay (Don't deploy the license yet. We want the "NO LICENSE" page to display.)
      5. Browser pops up with the Basic Configuration wizard
      6. Click on "Finish Configuration"
      7. Assert that the "This server has not been activated" page appears
      8. Deploy the license when you see the LCS/no license page, and wait until it's digested
      9. Refresh the browser and you'll end up on the Liferay DXP home page as an unauthenticated user
      10. Click on the "Sign In" link, and attempt to sign in as test@liferay.com
      11. Go through the Terms of Use, and click I agree.
      12. When you get to the "Change Password" screen, type in test and then test for the verification

      Actual Results
      An error is thrown indicating that the changed password can't be the same as the old password.

      Expected Results
      Since this is the first time that we're setting up a password, this error should not be thrown. MySQL and other databases skip the Change Password setup page, so it would be expected that HSQL follows the same behavior.

      Reproduced in
      Master + HSQL Commit: 42b9105d120818f69e4e9c675ec6fd1ee8eda9a6
      7.2 dxp-1 + HSQL Commit: b465708bd07924112b0b4fbc22060347fee66764


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