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As a Template Creator I would like to create universal templates leveraging fragments




      Web Content structures are made of fields whose values can be used in the context of template creation. A developer can leverage the power of freemarker template to create: Conditional blocks, iterations, assignments, string and arithmetic operations and formatting, macros and functions, including other templates, escaping by default (optional), and many more. It's also worth noting that it's also possible to nest fields, in which case if the parent field is marked as repeatable, the whole set of fields can be repeated. This is a more complex case where each repeated set of fields really behave as a collection of objects. Finally, this can be applied to other information items (not only web content) for common field types such as tags, categories, navigations, and more.

      However, right now we don't provide a no-code way to display and render those values.


      The goal of this Epic is to allow to visually create the display for any information items leveraging Fragments.

      This will include support creating web content templates via fragments as an alternative to using freemarker so that non-technical users can create them.


      • Create universal Templates using Page Editor functions
        • The template is created visually leveraging fragments
        • The template should allow creating a template for any item type
        • Ability to either use Code or visual creation modes
      • Ability to create templates for Collection items:
        • both the "List Style" and the "List item Style"
      • Ability to create templates for repeatable fields:
        • from WebContent
        • from Category properties like :
          • repeatable images
          • repeatable category properties
      • Ability to edit and save fragment compositions:
        • Any (existing) fragment composition can be editable using the fragment editor
        • Ability to map content and links and save them


      Examples from WebTeam:



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