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CSS timestamp value is not updating after deploying an updated theme



      If we have a theme, and deploy an update to that theme the CSS is not being updated as the timestamp used in the resource URL is incorrect. The expectation is that the t= timestamp value should update, which should cause the browser to load a new version of the theme's main.css.


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Startup a clean Liferay 7.2 environment with fix pack DXP-1 (to ensure we're on the latest codebase)
      2. Sign in as test@liferay.com
      3. Deploy portal-theme.war (grab the first version from extract-and-deploy-first.zip) and wait for the deployment to complete
      4. Change the Welcome Page's theme to use portal-theme, then refresh the page itself, and check the main.css URL in the browser console: for /o/portal-theme/css/main.css
      5. Make note of the timestamp portion as it will be used later.
      6. Wait a few minutes, and deploy portal-theme.war (use the updated one in extract-and-deploy-later.zip) and wait for the deployment to complete
      7. Refresh the page, and check the main.css URL in the browser console: for /o/portal-theme/css/main.css

      Actual Behavior
      Assert that the timestamp portion of the URL is the exact same value as the one from portal-theme (1.0.3)

      Expected Behavior
      portal-theme should have an updated timestamp since we waited a few minutes to deploy the updated theme (1.0.4).

      Reproduced in
      7.2 + DXP-1
      Master private Commit: 134a7024145d7b051239869fce69b2a46d4c2fb0
      7.2.x private Commit: 56bc208f4561e5a0319db6d9633967cfaf3dd416




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                7.2.10 DXP FP2
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