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Publishing display page mapped to web content in remote live fails



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create two sites in the portal: local site and remote site.
      2. Active remote staging between the two sites.
      3. Navigate to local site
      4. Create a web content
      5. Publish web content
      6. Add display page template
      7. Add a asset publisher portlet to the page
      8. Publish the page
      9. Publish the site to remote site
      10. Navigate to local site
      11. Edit previously created display page template
      12. For the Asset Publisher widget, Go to Configuration > Display Settings > Set and Enable
      13. Enable "Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page"
      14. Publish this page
      15. Go to Edit the previous created web content,
      16. Set DISPLAY PAGE TEMPLATE to "Specific Display Page Template" and the page that you just published
      17. Publish the web content
      18. Publish the site to remote site
      19. Navigate to remote site > Web Content
      20. Preview the created web content

      Expected result:
      Web content shows in the display page.

      Actual result:
      Internal Server Error shows in the pop-up window.


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