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StaleObjectStateException upon login when value of LDAP attribute is changed



      StaleObjectStateException error is thrown in the logs while trying to log in to the portal, if the email address attribute of the user is changed in LDAP. User table gets updated only upon the second try.

      1. Deploy a clean Liferay DXP 7.0 bundle with de-75
      2. Log in with an admin user, connect an LDAP server to the portal and enable it
      3. Users should be authenticated by screen name
      4. Log in with another LDAP user, verify a successful login and ensure that the emailAddress property in the DB has a corresponding value to the AD attribute.
      5. Log out of the portal
      6. Check 'LDAP required' with an admin user
      7. Verify that you can still log in with the LDAP user - userPassword should be set in LDAP
      8. Log out of the portal and alter the value of the mail attribute in LDAP of the user
      9. Try to log in to Liferay.
      10. The login is unsuccessful and StaleObjectStateException is thrown in the logs - please see staleobject.log
      11. The emailAddress property has the old value in the DB
      12. Retry the login and verify a successful login, the emailAddress is changed now in the DB

      If 'LDAP required' is NOT checked, the user gets logged in for the first time, but the StaleObjectStateException is still thrown

      Reproduced on:
      7.0.x 12f638eee0100452b84383beecc867641c05bbf0
      master 36a30c72c2b4fa1a0c7a2a472742cc4e15f2b91f




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                Version Package
                7.0.0 DXP FP88
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       DXP SP1
                7.2.1 CE GA2