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Unable to activate an app (lpkg) after uninstalling it via the app manager


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Build portal
      2. Package Notifications portlet as an LPKG
        1. cd modules
        2. ant build-app-lpkg -Dapp.name=notifications -Dosgi.dir=[YOUR_PATH]/bundles/osgi -Dapp.server.parent.dir=[YOUR_PATH]/bundles -Dliferay.home=[YOUR_PATH]/bundles
      3. Navigate to App Manager and uninstall "Liferay CE Collaboration - Liferay CE Notifications - Impl"
      4. Assert Blacklist output in the console
      5. Attempt to "Activate" the uninstalled bundle

      Expected results:
      Notifications should be removed from the blacklist and installed again

      Actual results:
      Success Message is given, but Notifications is still uninstalled and in the app manager it says "Uninstalled". Modules still in the Blacklist.

      Additional steps:
      View the Blacklist in Configuration > System Settings > Module Container > Bundle Blacklist. If the modules are removed manually from the blacklist, the module will re-install.

      This is not testable without the LPKG format because uninstalling the non-LPKG App fully removes the app from the App Manager. The App entry remains present after uninstall if it was packaged as an LPKG.

      Also Reproduced with Oauth 2 in the 7.2 DXP GA1 release bundle.


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