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As a site administrator I can quickly browse the site pages and jump from one to another




      In some sites, the navigation for visitors might not be the most convenient for administrators since some pages might be hidden or require several clicks to get to them. Liferay 7.2 introduced the page navigator, which site administrators can use to quickly find another page in the site by typing its name. In some cases however, the exact name could not be known and it's preferred to be able to navigate through the site pages hierarchy.

      It's worth noting that this was possible in Liferay 7.0, when the pages administration was embedded within the left product menu. Feedback from users shows that this capability was useful and is now missed.

      The goal of this story is to make it possible to browse through the hierarchy of pages as a complement to searching them by name, as a way to quickly go to it.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Given a site with a hierarchy of pages when a site administrator clicks the down arrow next to the product menu icon in the control bar then a sidebar appears and loads a tree with the hierarchy of pages that allows clicking on a page to go to it.


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